ENEAGRID/CRESCO ,a production grid implemented as an integrated infrastructure:

  • offering a production quality, service oriented system for high performance and/or high throughput computing;
  • covering most of the computational resources belonging to ENEA DTE-ICT (ICT Division), connected in a Wide Area Network. The most relevant resources are the CRESCO Clusters based on x86_64 architecture; the main site is Portici ENEA Research Center hosting CRESCO2(*) (HPL test ~5 TFlops), CRESCO3 ( HPL ~16 TFlops), CRESCO4 (HPL 85 Tflops) Clusters. (*)CRESCO2:the oldest part was decomissioned Dec.2014.
  • providing a unified user environment and an homogeneous access method for all ENEA researchers irrespective of their location;
  • implementing tools to facilitate the integration of departments and individual resources and to support to experimental facilities.