ENEA CRESCO (English version)



CRESCO (Centro Computazionale di RicErca sui Sistemi Complessi, Computational Research Center for Complex Systems) is an ENEA Project, co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) which will be completed at the end of 2008.

The CRESCO project, located in the Portici ENEA Center, will aim to develop a High Performance Computing infrastructure which will be mainly devoted to the study of Complex Systems. These arise in different contexts, from Life Sciences to sociology and embrace most of technological systems which have a relevant impact on society (Critical Infrastructures).

The computing platform, with an estimated 10 Teraflops, will constitute the major node of the ENEA GRID computing facility which links HPC platforms located in the different ENEA Research Centers throughout Italy.















The CRESCO project will be functionally built around the HPC platform, through the creation of a number of scientific thematic laboratories:

(1)   the Computing Science Laboratory, hosting activities on HW and SW design, GRID technology, which will also integrate the HPC platform management;

(2)   the Computational Systems Biology Laboratory, hosting the activities in the Life Science domain, with activities ranging from the “post-omic” sciences (genomics, interactomics, metabolomics) to Systems Biology;

(3)   the Complex Networks Systems Laboratory, hosting activities on complex technological infrastructures, for the analysis of Large National Critical Infrastructures in collaboration with the owners/operators.


A major ambition of the multi-discipline CRESCO project is to allow an inter-disciplinary flow of methods and ideas. A major focus will be given to the study of bio-mimetic strategies for the analysis and the control of complex technological infrastructures.


The project is open to collaboration with others organizations involved in similar programs.


Details about CRESCO’s activities can be obtained through the following contact persons:

Silvio Migliori (silvio.migliori@enea.it) for the HPC Platform and the Computing Science Lab.

Vittorio Rosato (rosato@casaccia.enea.it) for the Computational Systems Biology Lab.

Sandro Bologna (bologna@casaccia.enea.it) for the Complex Networks Systems Lab.