Information about cookies and ENEAGRID,CRESCO and sites

The Italian Data Protection Authority decision

The Italian (Personal) Data Protection Authority ("Garante per la protezione dei dati personali") issued the decision Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies (decision no. 229 of May 8, 2014) published on June 3, 2014 on the Italian Official Gazette. See:


The pages of a website can contain text, images, and other multimedia information, but may also contain "instructions" that are automatically executed by the user's browser. The web page can also contain instructions for storing information on the user's device (cookies).
Cookies are distinguished by a different intended use:
  • Technical cookies: they're just intended to improve the browsing experience or to provide a service specifically requested;
  • Profiling cookies: instead have the purpose of getting information about the user that can be exploited for other uses not requested by the user for example to convey advertising messages of greater interest to the user.

Cookies for ENEAGRID, CRESCO and Sites

The Protection Authority decision (refer to it for better definition of the terms), establishes, for the protection of users, that each site must declare what type (purpose) of cookie uses.
In this regard we inform that, in general, when accessing ENEAGRID/CRESCO and web pages or services, namely pages with URL, unless otherwise and explicitly stated, only technical/analytics cookies are used if any.
More detailed information concerning ENEA policy on web privacy and cookies is available (in italian) at

How to limit the use of cookies

You can deny or limit the use of cookies by changing your browser privacy options. In particular:
  • You can know which cookies are currently stored by your browser
  • You can delete all the cookies or selectively only those unwanted
  • You can deny the use of all cookies (with this choice there is no guarantee for full availability of all the services on this web site)
  • You can deny the use of third-party cookies other than the site you are visiting.
  • You may allow the use of cookies for some sites.

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