ENEAGRID/CRESCO, an integrated computational infrastructure:

  • offering a production quality, service oriented system for high performance and/or high throughput computing;
  • covering all the computational resources managed and developed by TERIN-ICT, a division of the ENEA Energy Technology Department, connected in a Wide Area Network.
    The most relevant resources are the CRESCO Clusters based on x86_64 architecture; the main site is Portici ENEA Research Center hosting CRESCO6 (~1400 TFlops) cluster. Smaller clusters, CRESCO4F (~20 Tflops) and CRESCO4C (10 Tflops), are hosted on Frascati and Casaccia ENEA sites.
  • providing a unified user environment and a homogeneous access method for all ENEA researchers irrespective of their location;
  • implementing tools to facilitate the integration of departments and individual resources and to support to experimental facilities.

A detailed history (in italian) of HPC in ENEA (1961-2022) is available at http://www.aicanet.it/storia-informatica/calcolo-scientifico-in-italia/enea

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