ENEAGRID / ENEA CRESCO – Access conditions for external users

ENEAGRID is the infrastructure of scientific computing resources that are managed and developed by ICT Division. 

The infrastructure extends over several ENEA research centres distributed throughout Italy. Its computing core is represented by the HPC CRESCO systems, a family of Linux Clusters based on the x86_64 architecture. The largest machine CRESCO6 is installed at the ENEA Portici centre and is currently the leading facility infrastructure for the CRESCO HPC center. CRESCO4 was a part of the TEDAT project of the National Operational Programme for Research 2007-2013, while the original CRESCO project was co-financed by MIUR in the framework of the National Operational Programme for Research 2000-2006. 

The ENEAGRID/CRESCO infrastructure is used within ENEA for conducting advanced Research and Development activities across a broad spectrum of scientific and technical disciplines. The access to these computational resources by external users is reserved primarily for public institutions and private companies that are partners in ENEA Research and Development projects (e.g.: those projects funded by Italian Government or European Community). Access may also granted, free of charge and within certain limits, to universities, public research institutions, and/or higher education institutions who submit a request, and evaluated on the basis of the scientific interest and of the availability of the resources. 

These rules are summarized as follows: 

i) the use of the available scheduling system (LSF) for the proper use of computational resources and the prevention of front-end systems overload;

ii) the appropriate use of the on-line data space, subject to ENEA/ICT quota policies (e.g. contents must be coherent within the declared activity and activities should not regularly overload storage systems); 

iii) the proper use of the identification and authorization systems (e.g.: registered users cannot lend their credentials to unregistered third party subjects, nor use other people's credentials; the user must provide an E-mail address and a telephone number and must keep these contact data updated at any time). 

Within these general terms, the generation of an account for external users of ENEAGRID/CRESCO requires the presentation of a document, written on the institution's letterhead, signed by the responsible officer of the home institution and addressed to: 

Al Responsabile di ICT, 


Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76 

00196 Rome - ITALY 

The document must be provided in pdf format and must be sent as an attachment to an E-mail 

to hpc-account-request@enea.it.

The document must specify clearly: 

1. the motivation for the interest in the use of ENEAGRID/CRESCO HPC systems; 

2. the willingness to comply with conditions i), ii) and iii) of the present document; 

3. a short description of the research activity, its objectives and its timetable; 

4. the indication of the approximate size of the required computational resources (number of computing cores, total CPU time, amount of data space); 

5. a statement declaring if the computing activity is funded within the framework of national or international projects; in the latter case, access to the resources will be subjected to the stipulation of a specific agreement, involving either an appropriate fee for the use of the ENEAGRID/CRESCO resources, or a form of participation of ENEA/ICT to the project; 

6. the willingness to express the scientific acknowledgement of the utilization of ENEAGRID/CRESCO systems in the case of publications, whose form and extent (thanks, co-signatures, etc.) shall be determined case by case depending on the amount of computing time utilized by the user and to what extent the collaboration and support provided by ENEA/ICT staff has been instrumental for the work being published; 

7. the commitment to add acknowledgements for the utilization of the ENEAGRID/CRESCO computing infrastructure in any paper referring the obtained results and notify ENEA/ICT as soon as the publication is submitted/accepted. The publication must be notified to ICT by the submission of a specific ticket  "Publication Notification" in the ticketing system https://gridticket.enea.it.

The recommended statement for the acknowledgement must contain a bibliographic reference to recently published conference proceedings, where the structure of ENEAGRID and the architecture of the latest generation of CRESCO clusters are described. Currently, the statement reads 

"The computing resources and the related technical support used for this work have been provided by CRESCO/ENEAGRID High Performance Computing infrastructure and its staff [X]. CRESCO/ENEAGRID High Performance Computing infrastructure is funded by ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and by Italian and European research programmes, see http://www.cresco.enea.it/english for information." 


[X] F. Iannone et al., "CRESCO ENEA HPC clusters: a working example of a multifabric GPFS Spectrum Scale layout," 2019 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS), Dublin, Ireland, 2019, pp. 1051-1052, doi: 10.1109/HPCS48598.2019.9188135.



  author={F. {Iannone} and F. {Ambrosino} and G. {Bracco} and M. {De Rosa} and A. {Funel} and G. {Guarnieri} and S. {Migliori} and F. {Palombi} and G. {Ponti} and G. {Santomauro} and P. {Procacci}},

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8. the willingness to submit short usage reports, as requested by the ENEAGRID/CRESCO team, to the CRESCO/ENEAGRID Annual Report which collects contributions from all its users. 

Failure to comply and/or adhere to the previous statements during the use of ENEAGRID/CRESCO infrastructure will result in the prohibition of any future access to its computing systems.



ENEA:  Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development 

CRESCO: Computational Center for Research on Complex Systems 

TEDAT:  Centro di eccellenza per le TEcnologie e la Diagnostica Avanzata nel settore dei Trasporti

ICT: Divisione per lo sviluppo Sistemi per l'Informatica e l'ICT 

MIUR: Italian Ministry for Education, University & Research 

Release date of Access Conditions for External Users Document: 2020/09/11, previous versions are superseded.

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